About QuickX

QuickX is a novel protocol designed specifically to cure the many fatal flaws that plague Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies today. It performs transactions off the chain for same Blockchain assets and utilizes pooling facilitators who supply liquidity for cross chain transfers of crypto assets. Through this, it accelerates the transaction speed greatly, dissolves the interoperability problem between different Cryptocurrencies, relieves the transaction fees and also solves the issue of scalability.

No more prolonged waiting times; with QuickX, it is now possible for you to make instant transactions for all your Blockchain assets.

Company behind QuickX "Secugenius"

Secugenius is an innovative information security services and solution provider organization. It is an organization that aims to leverage extensive knowledge and experience in security to help build advance security enterprises ensuring risk free IT growth. We develop information security solutions through advisory, engagement and remediation to secure and respond to cyber threats in infrastructure and technology stack. Our client list includes companies across verticals such as Government departments, banks, telecom, software companies, manufacturing and trading units, e-commerce etc. Our consultants possess the requisite industry certifications, but more importantly they are equipped with a wide range of skills covering different technologies and environments.


Maximize potential of your cryptocurrencies


QuickX Architecture

Patent Pending



Available QCX for crowdfunding :


Token price

1 ETH = 7500 QCX

Participation via ETH


Decimals : 8

Symbol : QCX

Type : Utility

Blockchain : Ethereum ERC-20

  • 50%Token Sale

  • 15% Liquidity Reserve

  • 13% Founders & Team

  • 10% Strategic Partnerships

  • 5% Advisors

  • 5% Private Investor Sales

  • 2% Bounty



Zero Exchange Rate


Cryptographically Secure


Instant Cross Blockchain Transfer


Lightning Fast Transfers

Company History


Started Operations In Cyber Security


200+ Global Clientele reached


Listed in Top 5 Cyber Security Companies


Listed in Top 5 Cyber Forensics Companies

2016 Q3

Started Research in Blockchain

2017 Q1

Planning of Business Module and Resource Team Allocation

2017 Q2

Listed in 25 Fastest Tech Growing Companies

2017 Q3

Patent Filed for the Technology (QuickX)

September 2017

Received award from Vice President for innovation

October 2017

Raised $1.2 Million from Investors to work on QuickX Protocol

November 2017

Listed in 10 Most Trusted Technology Companies


November 2017

Launched beta Version of Multi Currency Wallet- Android App

December 2017

Legal and Token Sale Development

January 2018

Tested QuickX Debit Cards, Users spent $100,000

February 2018

Security Testing and Auditing of Smart Contracts

Q2 2018


Listing on Exchange

Q3 2018

  • Multi Currency Wallet (Android Version)

  • Extensive Research on QuickX protocol

Q4 2018

  • Crypto Debit Card supporting multiple currencies

  • Multi Currency Wallet (iOS version)

Q1 2019

  • Structuring of QuickX protocol

  • Addition of more Cryptocurrencies in Wallet

Q2 2019

QuickX Protocol Alpha Version Launch

Q3 2019

Testing of Alpha version of QuickX Protocol

Q4 2019

QuickX Protocol- fully functional and Operational

Q1 2020

Currency Swap using QuickX Protocol

Q2 2020

Integration of more payment methods with QuikX Protocol

Q3 2020

Market Expansion and bringing more Blockchains to a single


  • kshitij.jpg

    Kshitij Adhlakha

    Founder and COO

    "Kshitij is an entrepreneur, international speaker and a cybersecurity expert. He has been honoured by the Vice President of India for Innovation in Technology and contributed immensely towards building protocols in cyber security domains.”
  • vaibhav.png

    Vaibhav Adhlakha

    Founder and CEO

    "Vaibhav is a financial analyst, investor and an advisor to the top leading companies. During his period, the companies have demonstrated no less than 10% of annual growth.”
  • Yaroslav.jpg

    Yaroslav Belkin


    "Yaroslav is a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at News BTC. He was a former Head of Marketing at Cointelegraph.”
  • VIV.png

    Viv Thapar

    Growth Hacker

    "Viv is a digital marketing expert. He has worked with leading brands all across the globe helping them grow their businesses in various domains..”
  • sachin.png

    Sachin Rana

    Digital Marketing Head

    "Sachin is an online marketing expert. He has gained solid experience in marketing by helping numerous blockchain startups to reach new heights.”
  • tom.jpeg

    Tom Cheung

    China Community Manager

    "Tom is a serial entrepreneur. He has worked with several blockchain companies for creating innovative blockchain solutions.”
  • illia-horodetskyi.jpg

    Illia Horodetskyi

    Community Manager

  • sunny.jpg

    Sunny Ukeachu

    Africa Community Manager

    "Sunny is the Founder/COO at Mitiget Assurance and Technology Services Limited. He has over two decades of experience as a technology specialist.”
  • Gyanesh.png

    Gyanesh Maheshwar

    Singapore Community Manager

    "Gyanesh is a Vice President-Sales/Trading with a demonstrated history of working with hedge funds and financial institutions.”
  • suki.jpg

    Suki Chendrawan

    Bussiness Head South East Asia

  • andrii-syliuk.jpg

    Andrii Syliuk

    Bounty Manager

South Korean Partners

  • Jason.jpg

    Jason Jung

    CIO at Tong Bloc

  • Sang.jpg

    SangJae Seo

    CEO of PayX


  • jeremy.png

    Jeremy Wade


    "He is experienced in Social innovation, startups, impact investing, shared value strategies, financial inclusion, bitcoin & blockchain technology and the future of higher education.”
  • jorge.jpg

    Jorge Sebastiao


    "He is a blockchain technologist and solution architect at Huawei Technologies”
  • mourad.png

    Mourad Redjah


    "Mourad has a strong interest in new technologies, developer for three years, a great interest in cryptocurrencies, trader and holder since 2011. Very good skills in server administration, analysis and prevention of security vulnerabilities, with successful experiences in companies like Gfi Informatique, ST Microelectronics”



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